Monday, April 22, 2013

A Week Late

I am a week late getting to this post.  My ornamental Cherry tree is starting to bloom.  In another week the ground will be covered in the blossoms.  Very messy.  I can't wait to show you photos.  But for now it is incredible.  It fills in shade in the front of the house and in front of the huge picture window.  In the heat of the summer i am very thankful for this tree.
Found a robin nest in this tree.

Up close cherry blossom.

My attempt to hide the sewer clean out.  Very zen.

Love, love, love my candy tuft.

Like a white cloud!  You should see these once the columbine catch up with them.

Blue bells!

So last year I noticed a blight in the center of my raspberry patch.  I wanted to move it anyway because the raspberries obscured the view of my blueberry bushes.  So here they are.  I hope they live.  Some have transplant shock.
Newly transplanted raspberry row.

Strawberries in pots.  They bloom early because they are above ground.

Broccoli is getting taller; very slowly.