Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Get Up and Move

Today is a beautiful day but I wanted to sit all day on work on my new project.  Writing a book.  But I took a break and went outside.  Glad that I did.  We had a down pour of rain the other day and everything is green.  Lots more plants in bloom and sprouting out of the ground.  Just marvelous.
Weeds every where too.  So I did a once over in my yard getting to all the beds.  I pulled two foot tall onion grass. Dug out dandelions.  But everywhere I went to pull weeds you could see new surprises.  Lots of little violets in the grass.
  Finally found a white and purple one that I having been trying to introduce to my yard for a while. 
White and purple violet.
New plants sprouting in new places.  My sweet woodruff under the front tree has become a mass three feet round.  Can not wait til that blooms.  My goose neck loose strife is rapidly spreading.  I will show you pics of that in the fall.  They are really neat.
Baby Loose strife
 My strawberries have blooms on them!
Strawberry bloom
  My raspberries are popping up everywhere.  I will have to move them next week as I discovered a blight in the center of the row and I want to move them before they all get it.  My blueberry bushes are much bigger and getting lots of blooms.  I had so much fun harvesting them last year.  Everything is awesome!  I love watching things come to life.
Also noticed lots of jobs my husband has to get too.  Making a note for myself.  He needs to trim the tree in the back and get a truck load of compost.  Those are a must for next week.

This is a weed.  Pretty but I pulled it.

Tons of money plant/honesty covering the ground.

Grape hyacinth with violet.

More violets with my lilies.