Friday, April 26, 2013

Keeping the Cat birds out

Today I finally put up the bird netting for my berry enclosure.  I attached it with 1 inch binder clips to the electrical conduit frames that I put up a couple days ago.  Now my blueberries, raspberries and strawberries will be safe from the evil Cat birds.  They will sit in a tree and mock me while I am out gardening.  Three years ago before I put the bird netting up they would swoop down right next to me while I was picking my raspberries and snatch one off the canes.  Bold birds.  
Enclosure all along my fence.
Berry enclosure.

Then I also raked out the rest of my raised garden area.  Here I had some of Mel's Mix, leaves and a big pile of compost dumped on top.  It was all mixed in and it spread out to an area about 10 X 7 and one foot deep.  I had a ton of seeds from prior years so I planted three rows of pole beans, a bunch of cantaloupes, pumpkin and then just sprinkled left over lettuce, carrots, radish, marigolds and another random seed that I cold not remember.  I covered with straw (ornamental grass trimmings) and watered.  I am giving them two weeks and what ever doesn't grow I plan on buying transplants.  It was really just random.
Garden plot with center "Meditation Stump."

Ornamental Cherry!

Front of House from front walk and from road.

Purple Lilac
Japanese Rose
Palace Purple  Heuchera and Astilbe.  Five Dove eggs in my Arborvitae.  The Dove flies out every time I walk by.