Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Magical Woodlands

So today I did my biweekly trip to mom's to fill water bottles.  Why you say? Because their mountain water is like the elixir of life. It takes about 25 mins to drive there. I was in a hurry cause I was tired and it was rainy. I love the rain just didn't want to get stuck driving in it. I put in my CD to the Two Towers. I makes for a great little trip.
Well I finally pulled into my parents driveway, forcing myself to slow down. Evenstar comes on.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im5CIpMFo4Q
Time suddenly slowed down. I looked out my window and noticed tiny white stars dotting the woodland everywhere. The fog was low under the trees making a quiet magic. The spice bushes were just leafing out and they have curvy branches that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Gazing even more into the wood you can see May-apples and Jack-in-the-pulpit, black co-hash.  Spider webs held onto rain drops and you could see them in the branches of bushes like steps to the tops. A little world for the unworldly. I felt like I was driving through Fangorn forest. Truly this was where I was supposed to be this morning.
I got out of the car and the rain dripping from the tree tops was spattering everywhere. It held a transcendent feeling. The rain pattered on my head in large drops.
Just wish I had my camera. All these images were ones that I found online. But you would have to see it to experience the feeling that I had. Majesty in the simpleness of the world. The wood is unchanged from any evil that we as humans have to face. It was a heavenly moment. I actually don't think the camera could have caught it just right.
Wood rue
Black cohosh
Black cohash

spice bushes under the trees. Now imagine it all foggy. Not exactly like my parents wood, theirs is much cooler.