Monday, May 6, 2013

The best month is May

I never did get an really awesome picture of my ornamental cherry blossoms covering the front walk.  It rained on them halfway through and they turned to mush.  I just swept a bunch of them up in preparation for another rain. They sure do get messy.  Most of the pictures that I took today turned out blurry but the snow affect that it has on the garden is wonderful.  One of my beautiful flower combs, my red Azaleas and (purple) bluebells are in full glory and a new one to the mix in the front is my white sweet woodruff. It has delicate lacy foliage. I totally recommend it for shady spots.  It is a ground cover and spreads. Looks incredible in under the messy cherry tree.
I am not really fond of Azaleas as they grow really slow.  I have one that is 33 years old.  My father transplanted in from his house to mine two years back.  It is only about three feet round and two feet wide.  But when it blooms they are completely covered with blossoms.  Here it is with my purple Ajuga   Ajuga is another ground cover for the shade. Again sorry the picture is blurry.

 Now I want you all to guess what this bud is.  It is pretty incredible looking.
 And what is this one?  It will unfurl very shortly.  I have about five different colors of these.
 My broccoli is finally over a foot tall.  It is getting tiny heads finally!
 One of my columbine.  It appears they are doing well even after the sawfly larvae attack.
 A cluster of Columbine.
 Clematis is opening up.  These lovelies are on my arbor at the entrance to my side yard.  I planted them to hide the naked legs of my climbing rose.
May is one of the best months for my garden before the dry heat of the summer takes over and I stop my weeding.  Then by July it is a jungle.  So come see my garden all this month. Every spot has filled in with green foliage (I love!) and is great for meditation.
 Oh and on a sad note about the bird's nest from my last post which were actually eggs of a House Finch.  My husband told me that some had hatched yesterday and when I went to check them this morning, the nest was destroyed.  I wonder what critter found them in the night. Oh well...nature.