Friday, August 23, 2013

A Bit Introspective

So today I took another introspective drive up to my mother's house. The sky was gray and threatening to rain on the trip up, so I took that as a good sign. I put in my CD The Two Towers once again. The ride up was unremarkable until the ride home.
The music of the Lord of The Rings has a way of slowing things down and making one aware of the passing of time. As my tires rolled off the mountain into the quiet town of Thurmont, I passed a yard with a little ornamental maple tree. Now the trees on the mountain would not change their leaves for weeks, but around the base of this little tree were tiny yellow leaves. It hit me that summer was wrapping up to a close and the Autumn would soon come quietly, in all its blaze of color. How many Autumns have I seen in my life? A few enough, but how many could I remember? Time became very slow in this moment.
I considered how things were constantly changing in life, how my children were growing, and how I was constantly rushing around. It has always bothered me that the world runs by a clock. Why must I rush about everywhere?
And as I continued my drive, pulling onto the highway, big heavy rain drops started to fall in large splatters on my windshield. It was as if the angels were weeping, sopping, fitful tears. Perhaps they were crying for the passage of time that rolls on, for I too felt it. Soon enough the large sloppy splatters turned into a gentle rainfall as if the angels were saying they were sorry for the outburst, and now these were tears of peace and tranquility.
The music brought my mind to kingdoms and battles fought. My mind lately has been on the Kingdom of Heaven and the noble and great ones that have fought in the wars of Heaven. How with the passing of time, the valiant still fight against evil. The fight for Middle Earth may be a fictional tale, but it echos the same tragic yet hopeful story of time. All ages everywhere fight for something.
The passing of time may move slowly at times or it may speed up. But we control what we do each minute and we can stand steadfast in our place in time. We can be the valiant warrior, or the humble hobbit. I find peace in knowing that everything has its purpose and its time and place. We can move through life purposefully, which has always been my desire. Days like this are needed to remember, for if we can not remember, what is it all for?