Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Most Exciting Thing since Sliced Bread

As my father would say . . . that's the most exciting thing since sliced bread. What? That's because my news is most exciting indeed, to me. I'm sure many of you don't care. In this world, many people have accomplished this same thing, but until you actually attempt and accomplish what I did, you won't understand.

And drum roll please . . .

I'm a newly published Indie Author!
I have toiled for 22 long months, on drafts for three books, and finally, book number one is complete. The Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1) is up on Amazon as a paperback and eBook.

Most exciting, truly.

Don't forget to buy your copy. Christmas 99 cent sale coming up. And to celebrate my release, I will be blogging a series all about my book. Stay tuned.

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Here's a pretty picture.