Saturday, January 24, 2015

Delicious Characters

Blog Day 5 for Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1)

Well, it seems I became so caught up in the momentum of revisions for the second book that I have slipped behind in my blog posts. Book Two, The Two Masters, is moving right along. But now for a fun blog day with attractive pictures.

Who did I base my characters on?

Well, my initial basis for my Emrys was the LOTR elves. Alas, my Emrys do not have pointy ears. I needed immortals with a flowing, graceful form, strong, lean bodies, and creamy, unblemished skin. Tolkien's elves were a perfect reference.

I pictured the tall, thin frame of Legolas and his mysterious charisma. In the beginning, he was my Aneirin. The constantly furrowed look of Aneirin's brows are exactly how I pictured him in this picture.

Galadriel was my Meinwen. The way she moved with grace and her ethereal air was exactly how I pictured my High Emrys.

I stumbled across a “real life” Disney picture of Jane of the jungle. I knew I had found my Ahnalyn with her green eyes and her tiny nose and innocent look. Adorable. But with a hidden determination.

Okay, the next character is my villain. Caedryn. He is actually quite handsome, though evil. Can you guess who? Pale skin, dark hair. Witty. Follow the link here to be surprised.

My real gem. When I found my Catrin, I knew it was her. And readers will be pleased to learn more about Catrin in book 2. She moves center stage as a main protagonist in book 3. 

Gemma Ward. She played the lovely role of Tamara in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Some readers will be shocked when they read Brenin's story line. I really love this character. So brave and fearless. Absolutely devoted. His broken heart is captured in this picture. This portrait is of our charming Hugh Dancy, who played in Ella Enchanted and the T.V. series Hannibal.

And a little secret. Stop reading if you haven't read Master of Lies yet.

Brenin will not be a loved and lost character.


Oh, you're just going to have to read book 2.

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Die waiting for The Two Masters, to be released this summer.