Friday, January 16, 2015

Music is the Best Motivation . . . or is it Pointy-eared Elves?

Blog Day 4 for Master of Lies (Chronicles of the Half-Emrys, #1)

Are we having fun yet? Hang in there. Three more days to go. Catch Day Three here if you missed it.

Where did I get my inspiration from?

I started writing this book back when I was doing a Lord of the Rings marathon. I even based some of my characters off of Tolkien’s. (See my next blog post for my character’s inspirations.) I imagined the rolling hills of Middle Earth for the Realm of Terrin and the murky swamps of the Dead Marshes for Rolant. The torturous snow peaks of the Misty Mountains could be my Eirwen Mountains, where the entrance to Gorlassar is hidden. And when you enter Gorlassar and fly to the capital Emryn city called Mared, I imagined the majestic music from when the Fellowship entered the great hall in the Mines of Moria.

But scenes and characters aside, I think that is where the similarities stop. My writing is nothing like Tolkien’s.

I would have to say music is what carried the feeling in my book. I mentioned the music from the mines of Moria scene. I did listen to the LOTR’s sound track quite a bit in the early phases of my free writing. But I took any music that uplifted or motivated me, from Evanescence’s Fallen CD to the Piano Guys. I think Twilight’s various sound tracks for all of their movies was a major inspiration for me. Evenstar (LOTR) was my inspiration for the final scene before the epilogue in my book. See my previous blog post, Magical Woodlands, for that story.

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