Friday, March 13, 2015

Cut It All Down! Spring Garden Cleanup.

Dead stalks.

Leveling day in my garden. I pull out my edge trimmer and raze everything, except shrubs, to the ground.
Today's tools. Hedge trimmer, my friend.

I leave the dead stalks of my flowers up over the winter so the kids can see where the plants are and don't fall on the razor sharp spines in the snow. I mean, have you ever speared your ankle with the stubs of a mum? Ouch.

In twenty minutes I had the front garden beds sheared off. Quick and easy. Then I rake the brush off the plants and at the same time remove any remaining fall leaves. I was careful to not rake to hard and rip my tender plants right out of the water sodden ground.
                            Ta da!

Once every thing is removed, I rake up the piles and wheel them to my compost bins. Four wheelbarrow loads full. The clean up took an hour, so today's garden task was a little more labor intensive, but the wind was blowing so I was in my element.

Tulip coming up.