Friday, November 25, 2016

Five Star Novels of 2016

Out of the 64 novels I’ve read this year, most of them were duds. I very rarely rate a novel five stars, (see my rating system) and the majority of the novels I read were four stars with a toppling 15 three star ratings.

Which books made the top of the list when even Harry Potter and the Cursed Child rated 3 stars for me?

Now remember, these novels are five stars because they had me screaming, “You’re so good! Oh, wow, I can’t believe that just happened. Holy crap that’s hot . . .”

I think you get the idea.

But I had to be screaming those words, at some point.

My list

Water Shaper

This was an enchanting read. The author really wove a beautiful work, taking aspects of real folklore. The main character is realistic and indecisive in her thoughts. She feels as if she belongs nowhere. She can't trust others because her whole life she's been harassed and belittled. But she has an inner fight. The magic brings a real element of curiosity. I wanted to learn more the whole story. I couldn't wait to see it's secrets unfold.
The book is just so amazing. A real tale told by a master storyteller.
Brilliant. I was completely sucked in.
Clean read. Would even be safe to read aloud as a family. Fairy-tale lovers would enjoy this book. 

beautiful, fairy-tale, folklore, magical, mystical, mythology, otherworldly, quick-read


Okay, Okay. Why am I screaming?

I was absorbed into the way the author described everything. She used every day comparisons to describe the most complex emotions in a way that completely related to me. I think some readers might be turned off by the number of metaphors and similes, but I enjoyed them, especially when they described how Nalena was affected emotionally by Garrett. Eep! I loved it.

favorite, guys-that-make-me-swoon, i-want-to-write-like-her, magical, powers, quick-read, read, romance, wonderful

Destroy Me

The whole Shatter Me series is my most favorite ever. This novella did not disappoint. I love the first person present. I love being in the moment with Warner. He's twisted. He's crazy. He's passionate. He has fire. And he's crushed and destroyed. So much emotion wrapped up in a few pages. This is a read to devour in one sitting.

Only draw back--I wish I had an entire novel from Warner's POV.
Mafi has inspired me as a writer.


adrenaline-rush, best-book-ever, blown-away, dystopian, favorite, gasp, guys-that-make-me-swoon, i-want-to-write-like-her, quick-read, read, thought-provoking, well-crafted

What Lainey Sees

This book was a fun and suspense-filled read with a bit of mythological magic. I loved how the story flip-flopped between the modern-day story about Lainey and Gage and the heartbreaking tribal story about Bright Eyes and Satsokis. Both stories together brought the magic of this adventure to life.

This story is Reader Rated 18+ for graphic sex; also contains moderate profanity and mild violence.

favorite, gasp, read, romance

The Kinshield Legacy

Loved this book on an epic scale! A real faulted hero that I just adored. So many characters' storylines woven together into one awesome adventure. And a villain who is just creepy. Must read more!

Reader rated 14+ for mild language, crude humor, mild sensuality, and mild torture.

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic

I loved this novel! From the sexy cupcake names to the magical werewolf dance club "orgy" to the very horny main character. Fave character was Kett--aka the vampire. So mysterious in a I-want-to-rip-your-head-off way. This was just fun, quirky read. And apparently everything about magic is either really scary or sexy. Will definitely read the other novels!

Reader Rated 15+ for mild language, mild sensuality, and mild violence.

Broken Symmetry

This was a thrilling novel. I was riveted. How in the world did the author come up with this and pull it off? The dynamics of breaking symmetry were hard to follow, but regardless, I was unable to put his novel down. I just decided to go with the the flow and the ride. It's a pretty good trip.