Lore Chapters

From the Lore Chronicles
Age of the Dragons and Rise of the Half-Emrys

It was said, ages ago, in a time before the mortals and a time before the immortals, that Gorlassar was ruled by the ancient dragons. Their world flourished, untouched by outside influences for millennia, unaware that an entire world existed beyond their own.
A portal into Gorlassar was discovered, a ripple in the fabric of creation itself. The First Evil, the Shadow, entered from the mortal world into Gorlassar, and the dragons fell—all but a single egg safeguarded in the recesses of the mountains.
The Master of Light, Deian, created the immortal emrys to be protector and friend of the last dragon. His light’s power infused into their very being—becoming their sword, shield, and helm. Meinwen, the first emrys, took the dragon egg and hatched it with the light from her heart-center, becoming guardian of Blodeuyn, the last dragon. Through Blodeuyn’s bloodline, the dragons were reborn. Gorlassar blossomed anew as a place of beauty protected by the light’s power.
Tradition forbade entrance into the mortal realms, so guard stones were placed as sentinels to mark the entrance and keep the way. Though wickedness spread in the mortal world, the portal high in the Eirwen Mountains remained hidden. As long as the realms were separate, the dragons would continue living, safe from the evil that wished them destroyed.
The first emrys to leave Gorlassar did so in defiant rebellion. Evil tricked Siana into desiring power, so she flew with her dragon, Nimue, into the mortal world. Siana fell in love with a mortal and conceived the first half-emrys. A child born from the blood of their two races possessed light and darkness, along with the ability to wield both.
Many half-emrys have been born throughout the ages in the mortal realms, and few have chosen the light. The half-emrys wielding the light eventually succumbed to the darkness, for the temptations were too great, the whisperings of the Evil too seductive. Because of this, the half-emrys were denied entrance into Gorlassar for fear of the corruption they would bring. They became lost and forbidden, dwelling unknown among the mortals, forgotten and ignored by the emrys.
The struggle between the dark and light energy raged in the soul of each half-emrys. The power of the darkness was great, but the power of the light was stronger. Some loved, and so chose, the darkness rather than the light because the darkness was heavy and grounding, solid and sure, an easier path to understand than the light, which required greater control and study.
Some half-emrys thought they could possess both powers, but an equal balance could never be sustained. Often terrible dark power emerged during a perilous moment, yielding detrimental effects. Scarred from the outcome, the half-emrys continued down this formidable path, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Written by the hand of Ceisiwr, Lore Master from the Libraries of Gwireddau in the mortal realm of Terrin

Fallen Emrys and the Rise of Cysgod’s Empire

Before the reckoning of our time, in a battle to save an ancient dragon species, the Master of Light, Deian, fought against his brother, Cysgod. Jealous of Deian’s creations and desiring their extinction, Cysgod entered the immortal realm of Gorlassar, where the dragons flourished, and destroyed them all—save one egg. Deian imprisoned Cysgod for his treachery, under the volcanic mountain Uffern, sentencing him to an eternity without physical form.
Deian used his light to limit access, setting magical protection at the dragon realm’s entrance. Only those without evil in their hearts could enter this now spoiled world. As the realm healed and the dragons once again spread across the valley, Deian charged his immortal Children of Light, the emrys, to protect his beloved dragons.
But Cysgod was not powerless in his prison. His wicked influence seeped into the pores of the mortal world around him, corrupting desperate souls. His power weighed heavily, and even the immortals who stepped through the dragon realm’s entrance were not exempt from his call—from his cunning allure.
This was how Cysgod snared a pure one of light.
Siana with her faithful dragon, Nimue, stood where Gorlassar’s exit emerged high in the Eirwen Mountains. In the eyes of an emrys she was yet a child—youthful in knowledge and truth, and delicate in her light’s abilities—but still a woman. Her beauty would never fade. Her fair skin, blonde hair, and green eyes—all traits of the immortals in varying shades and degrees, would remain unchanged in the human realms. She would not age. She would be an enigma, and men would want her. Siana could have anything she desired.
Little did she know, these were the whisperings—the tricks—of Cysgod.
The emrys did not want their world tainted by corruption, so if Siana left, she would be exiled. Siana wondered why Deian left the passage open between the worlds. Surely the two worlds were meant to be part of each other, and surely an immortal could make the choice to move between the realms.
Siana climbed onto Nimue and did not look back. She couldn’t. Cysgod had ensnared her with his deceptive influence, blinding her to reason. Nimue leapt into the air and took glorious flight over the frigid mountain and into the nearby highlands.
And so Siana was lost. Branded a fallen emrys. Ignoring their once beloved daughter, the immortals turned away—their indifference too great, their charge to protect the dragons too precious. Her parents wept for her. The Master of Light cried for his child wandering in the world of darkness, subject to the craftiness of his wicked brother. Siana would have travail, leading her down an unbearably bleak path.
But she found her own way.
Siana began the bloodline of an entire race of half-emrys—immortals who followed the Master imprisoned under the fiery inferno. Born of light and darkness, the half-emrys who chose to wield the evil power built an empire nearly as extensive as Gorlassar’s. They rose up as Dark Emrys, ruled by the hand of Cysgod’s mighty vessel, who used them to wage war.

Written by the hand of Ceisiwr, Lore Master of the Libraries of Gwireddau in the mortal realm of Terrin

The Two Masters

As with every world, a creator shapes and forms it from the matter of the universe. With the power of light, a creator moves the elements and rolls them together, forging life.
As with every world, that life can be destroyed.
Eternal laws cannot be changed. There had to be opposition. To maintain balance, there had to be darkness where there was light. Where beauty flourished, death and decay festered as the light’s antithesis—as the dark matter of the universe and in the skin of one creator’s own brother, Cysgod, the Dark Master.
So it was with our beloved Bryn and the immortal world of Gorlassar. Our creator, Deian, the Master of Light, designed them both. Within the mortal world of Bryn, his creations lived for a time before returning to his abode and dwelling with him in glory. But in Gorlassar, Deian hid his most prized creation, his dragons—creatures of fire and light, tempered by magic.
They possessed ages of knowledge and histories from other worlds. The dragons were living repositories, carrying with them the wisdom of ages to be passed from one generation to the next upon birth. Their knowledge endured because with it came the keys to the mysteries of the universe and the keys to creation.
Oh, how Cysgod hated them.
Because of his nature, he could never hold the ability to create true life. Cysgod manipulated false representations, but the eternal spirits, who carried with them a portion of Deian’s light and waited to begin their life on a world, could not survive in Cysgod’s malformed monsters of darkness.
So Cysgod wanted the dragons dead. He wanted the frail beings called humans corrupted. Not one soul would live with Deian again—not if Cysgod mutilated their light until they became his.
To protect his dragons, Deian sealed Gorlassar, concealing it from his brother. But the armor had to have one chink—one rift into the realm so agency could have sway.
Cysgod found the rift, and in one far-reaching attempt, he nearly annihilated the entire species in a battle that spread over Gorlassar. Deian defeated Cysgod and sentenced him to an eternity without physical form, under the mountain Uffern on Bryn.

Written by the hand of Ceisiwr, Lore Master of the Libraries of Gwireddau in the mortal realm of Terrin